What Do I Offer?


Investing in a Personal Trainer can create a huge motivation shift! You will work harder and smarter through learning how to correctly execute exercises to maximize development but at the same time, minimizing any injuries.  



I will create a bespoke programme based around your goals with clearly defined progressions aiming to get you stronger, fitter and technically better, regardless of whether you are looking to lose weight or build muscle.  


After completing a food diary, I will analyse your diet and nutritional habits and advise on how to optimise your diet based on your lifestyle and align it with your goals. 

How Does It Work?

5 Step Process...


1. Free Consultation - Includes goal analysis, understanding your nutritional habits, a taster session, timescales and a possible reality check.


2. Research - Any injuries, mobility issues and complete a lifestyle questionnaire.


3. Programme Development - A bespoke programme will be created with your specific goals in mind.


4 Full Disclosure Food Diary - Honesty is the best policy! I will analyse your nutritional habits and diet and align it with your goals.


5. Implement & Review - Weekly check-ins, regular programme/goal reviews and regular measurements to assess your progress.



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